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The doxo Approach of in Making Bill Paying Easy is Almost Genius

August 15, 2019
Put simply, the doxo system is not only great for customers who are trying to make sure their bills are paid on time, but it's also great for the companies who join the doxo network because they gain insight into their customer base and the markets for their products. Many who use doxo compare it to a filing cabinet, where users can scan and keep all their bills, statements and related documents in a secure place, and they can pay their bills as they come up.

This free doxo service (this is is in no way a scam - it really is free!) includes many features that make bill-paying a much easier monthly chore than otherwise. Located in Seattle, the company that operates the doxo system was founded as a partnership between several venture capitalists, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' firm, Bezos Expeditions. Their goal with this venture was to make it easier for people and small businesses to pay their bills no matter where they are when they're due, all from one single account. This is no scam; their network now includes many businesses large and small, who are interested in increasing their interactions with their customers, and thus learning more about their markets and how they work.